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What is Trademark?

A name, word, numbers, label, color combination, or any visual symbol that can be employed by a business to differentiate its services and products from the products and services of other businesses is what we call a trademark. The Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India places the trademarks of all the businesses in India. You are accessible to register the trademark of your business under the Trademark Act, 1999, and can gain the authority to appeal for any damages when violations of trademark befall.

Through trademark registration services, a business will be able to safeguard the investment of the company in the respective symbol or brand. The registered trademarks further come under the intellectual properties of the company or organization. Application for trademark registration is needed to file if you want your brand to be recognized uniquely in the market for the provided goods and services.The trademark registration cost will vary according to the type of business If the applied registration of a trademark matches with any existing registered trademark, you will not be given its access. Also, if the proposed trademark signifies information that is offensive, generic, misleading, and incorporates explicitly protected emblems, or further such cases, your trademark will not be registered. The trademark registration cost varies according to the type of business

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You will be allotted the R symbol after your trademark registration online is successful. Your trademark registration online will be valid for ten years. It can be renewed repeatedly before reaching the expiry date by filing a renewal application for the trademark for a period of another ten years.

The trademarks office will always be checking if the trademark registration cost has already been taken or not.

Privileges Of Trademark Registration Application

Excellent Business Opportunity
A product or service being sold under a registered trademark assists in developing up trust, safety, quality, and goodwill in the minds of customers. It gives you a unique identity when linked to other sellers.
Legal Protection
A registered trademark owner has the legal right in case of infringement i.e you have a doubt that your trademark is copied by someone else, you sue them for copying your logo, brand, name or slogan.
Get Unique Identity
Customers will recognize a singular product or service only with the brand name. Registering a trademark guarantees that competitors will not apply it and so it remains a company's unique asset.
Global Filling of Trademark
A trademark which is registered and filed in India is permitted to be filed in other countries outside India as well. Moreover, foreigners can also get a trademark registered and filed in India.
Creation of intangible asset
The trademark can be a valuable asset in case your brand builds a name and succeeds. Registering a trademark makes it an intangible asset that can be traded, franchised, distributed, or commercially contracted. This brings benefits to the company or the individual proprietor. A trademark is an intellectual property for the organization.
Infringement protection
Filing a trademark assures the trademarked object is not used unethically by any other company or Individual. But, if the trademark is used by a 3rd-party without the permission of the owner of the trademark, the owner can ask legal protection upon the act and even sue the person or the company who made a false usage of the trademark.
Exclusive rights
The proprietor of a registered trademark will be able to have exclusive rights over the trademark. The same trademark can be applied by the owner for all the products that fall under the same classes. Having the exclusive rights on the product or services also permits the owner to stop any kind of illegal use of the trademarked thing.
Applying the registered symbol
The company can use the registered symbol - once the trademark is filed. The logo is evidence of the fact that the trademark is already registered and cannot be applied by another individual or another company. In the case of illegal usage, the person who holds the trademark can decide to sue the other person
Differentiating products
Trademarking assists the consumers to find out about the products quickly. They can differentiate among the various kinds of products as the products tend to create an identity for themselves.
Promotes Goods and Services
Registering a trademark constitutes the face of the company or the goods and services. This serves to differentiate and promote brand creation. Most of the companies get their identity by trademark so it pays a crucial role in promoting and enhances the brand value.
Protect the Commercial Goodwill
A trademark's registered owner has the power to build, secure and protect the goodwill of his/her goods or services. The owner can stop other traders from using his trademark illegally. One can also sue the infringer for using the brand name and demand damages for any infringement
Advertising sales
The customers of a company attach the name of the brand to the feature of the product or service that they give. This form of the product is spread in the market and so, it helps to increase sales by bringing more and more customers towards the product.
Essential Necessities For The Registration
  • Identity proof of the Trademark owner is required.
  • Able to use the (TM) symbol in a single day.
  • One page authorization letter is needed.
  • Free Legal search report must be there.
  • A soft copy of the Logo (also can be applied without a logo) must be made.
Items That Can Be Registered Under Trademark
  • Names

    It includes the name of the applicants, maybe their first name, surname name, or predecessor in business. The trademark can also incorporate the signature of the person. For example, the name "Amitabh Bachchan" can be trademarked.

  • Words

    Any word can be trademarked that does not become a descriptive nature or characteristic of the goods or services of the business. For instance, "Google" has been a registered trademark word.

  • Numbers

    This category includes alphanumeric, letters, numerals, or any combination of them. For instance, 285 brands can be trademarked.

  • Images

    In this classification, image, symbol, monograms, 3-dimensional shapes, letters, and further combinations of them can be trademarked. For instance, the tick in the Nike logo is a registered trademark.

  • Sounds

    The sound marks in audio format can be trademarked. The Forex, sound in the ad jingle is a registered trademark for example.

Apart from all these categories, the further elements that can be registered as a trademark are invented word, any arbitrary dictionary word or words, lines or digits, the shape of products or their packaging, a single color in combination with a word or article, tools which may incorporate fancy patterns or logos, monograms, an aggregate of colors, the shape of products or their packaging, 3- dimensional mark, slogans and phrases, logo, visual content, and many more.

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