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What is Patent?

A person receives intellectual property right to an invention brought up by an individual or a firm through patent registration. If it is unique then you will be granted all the rights for your product by the government. The rights incorporate the full right of raising, utilizing, selling or importing the product or process and prohibit other people from doing so. The Indian patent registration is administered by the Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972.

The duration of patent registration services is 20 years. The period is limited in most cases, but it is allowed to get extended for a few years in some rare cases.

You can register patent online for various things paying the patent registration cost. Things can incorporate process, art, a method to manufacture, particular apparatus, machine, computer software, technical application, chemicals,drugs,etc.

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Essential Documents Required For The Registration
  • Patent application in form-1
  • Proof of right to file the patent application. This proof has to be either attached at the end of the application or along with it.
  • Provisional specifications should be there if the complete specifications are absent.
  • In the case of provisional specifications, complete specification in form-2 within 12 months must be provided.
  • Statement and undertaking under section-8 in form-3 (if applicable).
  • If a patent application is filed by a patent agent, then the power of authority in form-26 must be provided.
  • The applicant is obligated to get permission from the National Biodiversity Authority before the grant of the patent if the application is for biological material
  • The source of geographical origin must be included in the case of biological material used in the innovation.
  • All the applications must exhibit the signature of the applicant/authorized person/Patent attorney.
  • The last page of the complete/provisional specification must be signed by the applicant/agent while incorporating the sign at the right bottom corner of the drawing sheets.
Privileges Of Patent Registration
  • It gives you the right to keep your competitors at the inlet, as you receive all the rights reserved to yourself.
  • It will boost your business revenues because the patent holder is permitted to charge a premium for the invention.
  • The patents are simply other sorts of property. Hence, it is permissible to license or sell them.
  • Patent registration enables you to raise capital for your business if you are eager to sell or license the patent that you own.
  • After the patent registration is completed, the credibility of the inventor will eventually rise up.
  • The selling of the idea outright will return in many benefits to the inventor. It only produces royalty of 5% or less, but it is extremely beneficial to somebody who has the approach but doesn't have sufficient money to bring the invention to the market themselves.
Kinds Of Patent Applications In India
  1. Ordinary application

    If there is no other application or reference to any other application under process in the Indian Patent office, then one will file the ordinary application. For ordinary applications, the priority date and filing date are the same.

  2. Conventional application

    When an inventor has already filed a patent in another country and now wants to do the same, then this aspect falls under the conventional application. It is compulsory to file the application for Indian patent within 12 months of first filing it.

  3. PCT International application

    PCT International application permits a person to file the patent application in multiple countries. One will be able to file the applications for up to 142 countries. The duration of 30-31 months from the international filing date can be taken to register and claim protection in each country.

  4. PCT National phase application

    This application can be filed within 31 months from the international filing date.

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